Introducing Real is Beautiful

We are growing up in today's society trying to live up to a standard the media sets of what beauty truly is, that you have to be pretty on the outside to be worth something. Who you are is what makes you beautiful... Be you. Never feel like you're not enough, EMPOWER yourself... because you should always know, you are real, you are beautiful. Our website will be available soon, click the Shop Now button and leave you email address to be notified and join the Lammily Brand.

Real is beautiful!
Lammily’s goal is to empower children of all shapes and sizes to develop self-esteem, have a positive body image and to be accepting of others. Lammily is the first doll to use a realistic body shape and proportions in its design. Doll play is an important part of a child’s life as they grow, and we believe the Lammily doll is healthy, relatable and makes a positive impact on child development....

The Traveller

The Photographer

New York Toyfair 2016
Lammily on show @ the New York Toyfair

Lammily Handcrafter Fashion
We will launch a project soon for the manufacturing of handcrafted fashion for Lammily soon in South Africa. We are looking for talentfull, hardworking crafters that wants to join our team …

Lammily in the TIME Magazine

Lammily Fashion